Our Commitment to Good Governance

Our leadership ensures the organisation is led ethically and effectively. This is done by ensuring the following characteristics are exhibited in the conduct of leadership.

Integrity of our People

  • Our people always act in the best interest of the organisation.
  • Our people avoid conflict of interest.
  • Our people act ethically beyond mere legal compliance.
  • Our people continue to set the tone for an ethical organisational culture.

Competent Leadership

  • Our people have deep knowledge of the organisation and the industry.
  • Our people always act with due care, skill and diligence in decision making.
  • Our people are continiously learning to lead effectively.

Responsible Leadership

  • Our leadership is responsible for setting and steering the direction of the organisation.
  • They approve policies, oversee and monitor implementation by maangement and ensure accountability for organisation performance.
  • Our leadership takes risks in a responsible manner and in the best interest of the organisation.
  • Our leadership takes responsibility for preventing negatives outcomes of our activities.

Fair and Accountable Leadership

  • Our leadership is always willing to answer for the execution of their responsibilities.
  • Our leadership always takes a stakeholder inclusive in governance.
  • Our leadership is committed to sustainable development.