At the Construction Management Foundation, we believe that leadership starts in the mind and that ideas precede action. We bring the ideas and inspiration that will help forward-looking leaders  in the South African construction industry shape their next game.

How do we do it? By embracing the powerful technology of ideas and developing new, valuable insights from aimed at transforming the discipline of Construction Management within the global construction industry.

We engage construction industry leaders in provocative discussion and experimentation to expand the boundaries of construction management theory and practice. We provide the foundation for future, pivotal action because today’s ideas create tomorrow.

The Construction Management Foundation researches and translates ideas that offer real impact by capturing, developing, and applying cutting-edge thinking from within and beyond the South African construction. Working with leading academics, external collaborators, and partners, we explore ideas that will shape the construction industry of tomorrow.

The Construction Management Foundation is dedicated to supporting Bold Ideas with Big Impact. We see a South African construction industry in which innovation accelerates the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals. 

Voices in Construction


The construction industry and the clients that rely on it are at a critical juncture and it is time to review the seriousness of the future outlook. Deep-seated problems have existed for many years and are well known and rehearsed, yet despite that, there appears to be a collective reluctance or inability to address these issues and set a course for modernisation.

Mr Ronnie Siphika - Founder CEO